Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm Two

Look who turned two January 24th. We decided to do a family party at my Mom's house. It was a wild and crazy party!

A pretty happy princess...

Grandma Lorna got Scarlet a whole caboodle of princess gear...

Cinderella (played by my friend Anne) helping Scarlet make a wish...
I'm pretty sure Scarlet is telling Anson "MINE!"

Jack getting a sneak attack hug from behind, he wasn't too pleased...

Scarlet had to wear those heels to church the next socks and her toes were completely hanging out over the edge. I give in way to easy...

Scarlet got everything she could have ever wanted and more. Here's a clip of her surprise visitor ! Thanks everybody!!

Here are some other things that have transpired since the big two

New panties...

So I have high hopes that I can get Scarlet potty trained by the time the baby is born in July. She has her own little potty and has no problem sitting on her potty. But that's ALL she does is SIT!! So I decided to try getting her some princess panties to see if that could get her into the mood...well...Belle got peed on. I'm not worried, we're not really pushing it, I'm just keeping it on her mind.

WOW!! This is turning into a long post, SORRY!! But there is just so much good news to if you've made it this is a special surprise.

I got an early ultrasound to check on a cyst...and the sonographer took a peek for us...

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!

I admit I was a little surprised, I thought I was getting boy vibes. The first thing Dave says is, "I thought it was a girl." Hmmm, he'd been pretty much on board with me thinking it was a boy up until then...silly daddy.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

In Love

I'm in love with a lot of things. But right now there are two things that I need to not love so very very much. Okay there are WAY more than two, but I will focus on these right now...number bed. Actually not my actual bed itself, it is old and cranky,(a new bed is on our "when we win the sweepstakes wish list") but LAYING in bed. Snoozing, reading, relaxing. I love good excuses, here is one for why I always migrate throughout the day to my bed. It's very cold outside. I can achieve total body warmth in my bed. Love number two...Snickers ice-cream bars!! WHY do they have to be so irresistibly GOOD!! Another lovely convenient excuse, I am pregnant, I wanted the first one and the baby wanted the second one...and so it goes. When that excuse runs out in about 6 mo. I'll easily come up with another. In the mean time this is how I spend most of Scarlet's nap times, here in my warm bed, devouring a cold snickers ice-cream bar.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who's Jack-Jack?

This is Jack Lawrence Throckmorton, aka Jack-jack. Those of you who know Scarlet and have had a chance to speak with her know this familiar phrase. Jack is Scarlet's cousin and the central character of her conversations. Anytime she runs out of specific things to talk about she'll throw "Jack-Jack" in there to keep the conversation alive. She sings a Jack-Jack song, "the jack-jack on the bus goes run run run" When we are reporting our day to daddy if I don't help her remember the facts... we get Jack-Jack. Scarlet loves her Jack-Jack, even though she bites, pushes, pulls his hair, steals his toys etc...thankfully Jack is very forgiving.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sorry baby

Scarlet usually goes down really easy for a nap but got up a few minutes after I put her down. So I went in being patient and loving to sing her to sleep and I rocked her and laid her down. She started crying again and it sounded like she was saying "wan e mama" I decided to let her cry, even tho my gut was telling me she wanted more baba, and got sucked into my book, 15 min later she's still crying and as I listen closer I realize she is saying "wan e baba." When I looked in she was laying there with her cheeks soaked holding out her empty baba. She handed it to me, rolled over and went to sleep. Now that i write it, it's seems so inconsequential. It was just one of those times I could have saved her some heartache, and spared her those tears that soaked her cheeks and hair. Sorry baby...I love you.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We're alive

So the holidays are over and it's back to the old life starring me and Scarlet at home...waiting for daddy to get home. The holidays are packed with family, friends and fun, presents, shopping, surprises, yummy food, and games...I start to get used to that life, then when it's over I get a case of the post holiday blues. It doesn't help that the snow KEEPS PILING UP imprisoning me in this messy house. So, if you don't mind I'll go crazy with pictures and good stuff to ease my blues.

* I'm having a baby July 10th I'm just about through with the 1st trimester and so far I have felt super! (most of you knew already, for those who didn't SURPRISE!)

*We got a laptop!! It has a web cam so we can skype all our loved ones we can't hug often enough.

* Scarlet...see for yourself...

"yeah, a rella(cinderella) khuger(color) book"

I snuck up on Scarlet reading snow white in her hide out behind the rocking chair. If you listen close you can pick out a few key words. Snow white, apple, not nice(referring to the witch) and happy. Thats a pretty good summary if you ask me.