Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Friend in Need

My dear friend Stephanie "Clark" Nielsen was in a serious plane crash with her husband a few weeks ago in AZ. They amazingly survived, the pilot did not, Steph and Christian were severely burned (80% of Steph's body) and are in the hospital sedated, with a long and painful road to recovery ahead. They have 4 darling little kids. Its such a tragedy! It is a real quick reality check to have someone you know be in this kind of awful situation. Stephanie is such an amazing, talented, sweet, friend who needs a lot of prayers. I found a way to donate to help with medical expenses etc...I decided to also post this so that anyone else who wanted to help could do so. Hug your friends. Hug your family. And count your blessings, we have SO MANY!!!

This is her darling website

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hidden Talents

I was just thinking about some things people may not know about the Dave, Heidi and Scarlet St.Julien family...

David (has no middle name)St.Julien:

*Has slightly bull-legs
*Can play a the trumpet (really well)
*Can play a little guitar
*Is a good efficient housekeeper (cleans way better than me)
*Can bench press me
*Plays racquetball and ultimate frisbee super well
*Used to get in fights a lot in elementary
*has a fake tooth
*has crooked fingers
*has multi-colored hair/beard (we've found red, black, white, orange etc...)
*Can roll his tummy

Heidi Sue Hofheins St.Julien:

*Can still do back handsprings and back flips on the ground (and tramp)
*Paints(not recently, but I once felt like a pretty good water colorer)
*Draws (did a pretty nifty portrait of Joseph Smith for a class)
*Plays guitar
*Writes songs
*Crochet's (hats, scarfs, rugs, etc...)
*Dabbles in hair cutting (when Dave gets shaggy and other special occasions)
*Po-go-stick Jumping. I can go for hours if necessary.
*Soccer fanatic (played for a small college)
*Reads 1 sometimes 2 books a week.
*Knows a lick of sign language
*Gets free stuff with coupons
*Can beat Dave at racquetball on occasion (played on the BYU [club]team)
*Sewed a cover for her love sac (and other various items)
*Wants to write a book (sometimes)

Scarlet Olivia St.Julien:

*Sits on her potty
*Also slightly bull-legged
*Knows at least 10-15 signs in sign language (most recently cracker, frog, juice, grandpa)
*Knows maybe 100 words (most recent choo-choo, bug, look, tissue, happy)
*Can do a half somersault
*Can roll her tummy
*Has many sophisticated dance moves
*Sings "wheels on the bus" "slippery fish" " "insy-winsy spider" " popcorn popping"
*Finds her chin, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, teeth, neck, knees, feet, toes, hair...and bum bum. She'll even spank yours if your not careful.
*Calls mommy- "Heidi"
*Can fit 2 binkies in one mouth
*Blows her nose
*Stands on her toes so we can see her bulging calves

Did you learn something new? Can you think of something else?

Here is a video of a few things Scarlet would show me...sorry about my obnoxious voice in the background...