Monday, January 31, 2011

Wishing for love

On the car ride home from my mom's house we had an entertaining conversation with Scarlet. She is really into getting married. The other day she asked if we could go for a walk so that she could knock on doors and find someone who wanted to marry her. She usually has a top pick, it kind of rotates between her cousin (don't worry we've explained it to her but she says he is just so nice!) and another little boy.

Tonight she informed us she was going to marry my little 12 year old nephew (who is a step nephew, so for the record it would be more acceptable than marrying her cousin). Then she says, "Maybe if we have a new brother I can marry him when he grows up." Oh boy, we straightened that one out pretty easy. THEN after some thought she says, "well two girls can get married" Hmm, so I said something like, they can? She says, "yea I saw it on a show." Uh-oh maybe I am watching too much Oprah...? So I probe her a little more because I think she is making it up. She tells me she watched it at Hannah's and the show is called "Wishing for Love." I am speechless, that could be a real show! What a little mind this girl has. The longer the conversation went on, the more I believed she was spinning a tale. Because soon there were fairies and princes and the whole bit.

For a minute there I was afraid I would have to try explaining the complexities of "two mommies" to my 4 yr. old!! I am going to have to double check with Hannah's mom. Wishing for Love, how did she just whip that out!?! What a goofy gal.

and some pictures...

Saturday, January 15, 2011


First comes trouble. I am lost in thought as I am doing my hair in the bathroom. I am completely unaware of any activity going on below me. I happen to glance down and see Rosie laying on her belly, completely quiet and absorbed in a toy, or book perhaps. Of course that's never the case...

(Look at that mischievous look on her face!!)
Not my lipstick of course. I don't own lipstick. It's Scarlet's, which she got from a purse that Grandma Julia gave her (I don't think the lipstick was meant to be in the purse). Anyway...I believe I have a picture like this at a similar age. Don't we all. How do you get lipstick out of CLOTHES!?!

This stuff was CAKED on! She didn't stop with that face either she was like a little naughty statue. Not an ounce of regret.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Interpretive dance...

I just had to post these pictures. This girl is a performer to say the least. If there is a gathering of people she feels like they must be there waiting for a dance performance. It just tickles my heart to watch her dancing about. The music just takes over her body. Its going to be a fun journey with this little firecracker.