Thursday, January 12, 2012

We did celebrate Christmas...

So it's mid January, better late than never is my forever motto. I forgot to post some christmas cheer, and pictures of our holiday. We had a merry Christmas but we didn't document it so well. Oops. I think it may be because we only got our girls a few gifts this year so they could REALLY appreciate each one. We did really good with that plan...but Dave and I got each other a few more things. We had a ton more presents under the tree and realized Scarlet was bound to notice. So we frantically opened our gifts 2 at a time while the girls were distracted. I think Scarlet noticed...but she was too excited about her toys too care too much. Phew! Anyway it was jolly, and it was fun to watch Rosie get excited this year. She will still say every few days or so "Santa is coming tonight!" Scarlet tries to explain how loooong it will be until he comes, she'll say "No Rosie, AFTER Thanksgiving." Love the holidays. I think I was the first one awake at our house. I was just snug and quiet in my bed at 7am wondering when those little whipper snappers were going to wake up! Finally at like 7:30 I heard little voices and I went zooming downstairs to get the party started:) So...happy, merry, belated Christmas to you all!

(see...WIDE awake)

(cannies, Rosie's favorite present)

(behold...Hannah Montana)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ho Ho Hawaii

Was I really in Hawaii a week ago!!?? No it was almost 2 weeks ago! I might think it was all just a dream if I didn't have pictures to prove it really happened. My tan is fading under all these layers and all this COLD! Sad. As soon as we stepped off the plane in HI, I think all of us asked ourselves the same question, why don't we live here!? I mean really, why NOT!?? My mom even went as far as to look up real estate and found some pretty decent places to live...who knows, maybe someday... Anyway it was a great trip. My sister was graduating so Dave told me I should go and he would take the week off and play with the girls. I know. I am one lucky lady! It was a blast being with my family. We haven't done anything like that EVER! We played as hard as possible. The waves were monstrous. I have never been so terrified, standing there watching this huge wall of water about collapse right on top of me! Most (some) of the time I made it under, and other times I was dominated and washed up blowing water out of my eyes, nose and ears. What a thrill.
(Dominated, check out the hair...)

(the boogie crew)

(Over, under or ride it in...?? That was always the question at hand.)

(Pipeline, reserved only for the pros. Biggest waves I have ever seen!!)
(Observers at Pipeline watching the CRAZY surfers, we saw at least 3 broken surf boards!)

(The graduates)

(The Fam- well a handful of them at least)(Las Hermanas)