Monday, April 21, 2008

3rd (or 5th) Times a Charm

So I guess I aint hip if I don't blog. Not blogging these days is like not texting. If your out of the loop you are lost in a generation past. So here we go, David and I have both attempted to start a blog this may be the time it sticks...and maybe not. I think it will be nice to share all my bright moments with my dear friends. One for instance; We came home from church yesterday and when we went to go inside the side door was ajar...? Kinda odd (then again knowing me kinda NOT ). I went in first, I had scarlet and dave was behind me. I heard a serious sound, like someone is moving things in the baby's room. So I freak out and start hightailing it backwards. Dave on the other hand bombards his tough daddy self on back in to the bedroom! It turned out to be an open window. I was ready to run and hide and Dave was ready to beat the tar out of our little (or big) burgler. That was a great moment for me. I feel safer knowing my husband ain't no sissy and that it's in him to protect our family in those moments when we need him most.