Sunday, October 7, 2012

Picture party

Juliet's blessing day.  We were able to sneak a quick photo shoot with Dave's sister Shelly before we left for church.

We love this kindergartener.  Scarlet is loving school and is learning so much. She writes all her letters and getting really good at reading!!  Its so fun to see how much she is learning.  We went to her parent teacher conference and she is doing great, she is way ahead on her writing and right on with everything else. The only thing her teacher said needs work is for her to stop chatting to her neighbors.:) I feel ya Scarlet. I'm pretty sure that was my biggest challenge in school...until MATH came along! Our three girls are just as fun as ever. Juliet is 3 1/2 months old and doing really great.  She is full of smiles, drool, and jabber.  She is 13lbs and we are just Crrrrazzy about her.  She is so alert and has to look around with her big wide open eyes trying to get it all figured out.  We are all enamored by her and can't believe there was ever a time we didn't have her here in our home!