Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh Daddy

These girls
are crazy about
This guy.

I feel really lucky, a really lot. Dave is such a great dad and husband. I won't go into detail but suffice it to say that I am one lucky lady. And I guess Dave thinks I have sexy legs(see previous post for details), that's nice of him. Ok, just one thing I like about Dave, he is really good at making me feel special. Do you need anything else?
Happy Fathers Day David--I love you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

That's my cute birthday Heidi

Scarlet and I have decided to butt in here for a moment and write a blog for our favorite birthday lady in the whole world. We both call her Heidi. Here's just 29 things that we love about our Heidi:
1: I love Mommy everyday because she's beautiful (Scarlet)
2: She's one hot sexy dancer. It's true. She's really good!
3: Sometimes she cleans up my toys with me, for me (Scarlet)
4: Heidi makes me laugh more than anyone else. She's so dang funny. I used to think I was funny, but she's way funnier than me. The things that come out of her mouth and mind really are laugh out loud funny sometimes.
5: She loves Rosie, and I love Rosie too (Scarlet)
6: Heidi sings like an angel. I love listening to that voice sing. And she writes such great songs too. She a wrote a great song for me when we were engaged. She was so nervous to sing it for me that we had to put a blanket over us while she sang it so I couldn't see her face.
7: She's good at sharing lots. (Scarlet)
8: She makes the cutest kids I've ever seen. Rosie with her dimples that you just want to bite, and Scarlet with her lips and smile that just make ya so happy.
9: And she takes me to Hannah's house (Scarlet) - Hannah is Scarlet's best friend that lives a few houses down
10: Not many people know this, but Heidi is an artist. She would probably say she's not that good, but I think she paints and draws really good. I would hang all of her paintings on every inch of our walls if she'd let me.
11: My mom takes me to the library and Hannah to the library (Scarlet)
12: I like to watch her play soccer. She's so stellar at it. And those legs are so nice and sexy. I guess I like to watch her play, but I really like to watch her legs play soccer! She's playing a soccer game tonight, on her birthday by the way. So she should win 'cuz it's her birthday, don't ya think!
13: She takes me to the museum ... I mean gymnastics ... and sometimes the museum. Dad, what is the museum? (Scarlet)
14: She says nice things to me. For some odd reason, she's still attracted to me. She says she likes my hair, and what I'm wearing, and even though I've gained a little unwanted pounds, she says she loves me all the more. Nice huh?
15: She does oatmeal and sprinkles for me. And she makes me mogurt of the oats. I like mogurt (Scarlet) - mogurt = yogurt
16: I think she should open a restaurant because she cooks such yummy stuff. She makes this sandwich that I call "The" Bagel Egg Avacodos Meat er I love it. People would buy I tell you!
17: She reads books and sings me songs, I like her Daddy (Scarlet)
18: For my birthday, she learned one of my favorite songs on the guitar (The Wind, by Cat Stevens), recorded it, put it on a CD and played it for me whilst we drove. She just rocks like that!
19: She pushed me on the swing, but now I do straight-bend and I know how to swing (Scarlet)
20: I wouldn't recommend playing the following games with her: Boggle, Anagrams, Slaps, or Silent Football. She's just too dang good at them.
21: She probably lets me watch a show. When it's night night sometimes, but not sometimes. Probably when it's PBS kids she lets me watch it (Scarlet)
22: I love the way she remembers every word to every song. It's really amazing. Especially since I can barely commit all of I Am A Child Of God to memory. It's funny when almost any random song comes on like Vanilla Ice's, "Ice Ice Baby", or stuff from the band Chicago, she knows every single dang word. It's downright sexy!
23: Scarlet said, "She teached me to read.", "You know how to read Scarlet?", "Yes, look." She then showed me the sign for reading in sign language. So maybe Scarlet really meant that Heidi taught her how to do sign language.
24: Did most of you know that she can still do double back layovers or whatever you call em? You know, those things that cheerleaders do all the time when they run and go and flip over and over. She can do lots of cool funky stuff on the trampoline too. But the craziest part is that she was doing flips and stuff on the tramp when she was like 8 months pregnant. Maybe that's why our babies are so bouncy and all over the place.
25: Sometimes she helps when I go potty, but sometimes I can go by myself (Scarlet)
26: Our minds are connected. When I'm cold, she's warm and will snuggle with me to get me warm. And when she's cold, I'm warm and snuggle with her. So we do a lot of snuggling. She's so dang brilliant at snuggling. I've never met a better snuggler than Heidi.
27: She likes me when I paint. She likes me. She likes when I ride my bike. And she likes when I go to Hannahs.
28: Her testimony rocks. I love to talk to her about everything. She makes me think about stuff and look from different perspectives. If you're ever in the need of a good chat, you can always count on Heidi.
29: She changes the diapers!!!!!!! I know I don't tell her enough, but I really HATE changing poopy diapers. It makes me gag. It makes me wanna puke. When I have to change them (cuz Heidi isn't around) I have to take a deep breath, stuff my face in my shirt, and go as fast as I can. It's terrible for me! So she changes them! Oh I love me some Heidi! She rocks!

There's about a billion other things that we love about Heidi. Maybe a trillion other things. She's the best mom, wife, friend, companion, confidant, partner, cooker, dancer, athlete, artist, singer, etc. etc. etc. and Heidi that we know! We love you birthday girl!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

cute girl syndrome

Just had to post more pics of some girls that make me happy. I couldn't resist.

power stance

I straightened Scarlet's hair, I was just so curious. Although thin and stringy, it is getting longer.
Is that mid-back!? Kind of...

Try combing through THAT!!

Mmm! I love this baby!!
This is Rosie's "mmdad" thats how she says it. I am "mom-mom-mom..." To Scarlet I am "Heidi." Scarlet has been calling me Heidi most of the time the last month or so. Not sure what to think about it. Ok, so I think its cute but sometimes I wonder if I should worry...

Stats on this little cheeser. Rosie Sue will be 11 mo. next week! She has two bottom teeth and the two top teeth are now in sight...barely. At her last doc. apt. a few weeks ago she weighed 17lbs. which puts her in the 10th percentile. She is always on the move, maybe that's why she is a little mini. She has become quite the toddler these days. She is up to about 10 steps. She will walk and crawl. I'd say walking about 40% of the time. She has been standing around for like 2 1/2 months now and has started venturing out in the last month. She is happiest when she is in the swing out back, in mom or dads lap with a book she brings over, or putting handfulls of dirt in her mouth. The only times she gets sad is if she is not getting the attention she feels she deserves or if she can't get to wherever she HAS to go, like down cement stairs or into the bathroom/toilet etc...can you tell we kind of have a thing for these ladies:) Can you blame us?!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Can you guess what I have been doing lately...

I promise my blog isn't turning into just book reviews...I hope. It's just that other peoples lives and stories are so much more interesting than mine right now (even if they are fictional).

I read Message in a Bottle when I was in High School or something and I loved it and bawled my brains out. I read another of his (maybe the notebook) and it was no good. This was on a list I cut out of the paper of some NY Times bestsellers. It was lower down on the list, but all the others weren't available so I took it home. Yesterday my neighbor called and asked me why I sounded so stuffy...WELL I should have teased her and said something silly like Dave and I just had a fight. Instead I was honest...I was bawling my eyes out reading a silly BOOK!! Somehow this book surprised me, I really enjoyed it. I liked the diologue and the relationships seem authentic and believeable. Which is why I bawled my head off. Dave teases me because he thinks I just really want to see Miley Cyrus in the movie...Maybe he's right.

This book was kind of charming and endearing. When I got started I didn't think I would enjoy it because the main character who is telling the story is an older english gentleman. But he is really quite witty and sweet and I got pulled into this interesting tale. It was a great story about how the times change quickly and people don't. There are multi-cultural issues and LOVE issues, all wrapped up in a charming little package.