Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Week of Paradise

We're home, and all of us are safe and sound. Hallelujah!!! Bermuda, we learned, is a one of a kind place. It was gorgeous, everything we hoped for. Their culture and everything is so unique!! For instance Bermudians don't go into the water until May 20th. We had the beaches pretty much ALLLL to ourselves. The houses are all made of concrete because of the severe winds they get, and they paint them really funny, bright pastel colors. They drive on the left and have the tiniest streets. I was afraid for my life most of the times we were walking. Everything is unrealistically expensive, its about three times the price we are used to. If it weren't for the generosity of my aunt and uncle there's NO WAY we could have gone. We got spoiled ROTTEN!! We ate delicious food and had our own personal tour guides to answer all our questions, played tennis, stayed a few nights in fancy resort, played on the breath taking beaches, saw some cool sights and RELAXED to the MAX.
Ahhh Bermuda, it's going to be hard living without you. Scarlet did exceptionally well. Every time we skyped, she seemed totally content. She seemed to get it that mom and dad were in Bermuda and would be back Tuesday. It was such a relief to know that she was happy. It was easier to leave paradise because we missed Scarlet SOOOO much(plus it was stormy and cold the day we left)!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How did we ever survive without Scarlet

Here is another video of our star, she is Tinkerbell. Lately when she dresses up she is Tinkerbell or a princess. Most of the time, dressed up or not, she is Mommy and I am Dustin(my younger brother)...go figure??

This is her favorite dress up at our house, not sure if the top is suppose to be worn like that but that's the way Scarlet does it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bermuda, Bahama come on pretty mama...

In a little less than 5 days, Dave and I are going on a LAST CHANCE (as far as we know) GETAWAY to The beautiful isle of Bermuda!!!! I can't believe we are actually doing it. Life can be so interesting that way, I guess I should say MY life. One minute I am whining about how I need a new mattress because ours belonged to the dead grandmother of my step brother in law, and its really starting to get to me the way I fight all night not to rolllll into the center of the bed---but a new mattress is like a COUPLE HUNDRED bucks, so we'll go to Bermuda instead...hmmm that's sensible! I am just picturing myself soakin' up some sun on a nice warm beach, peeking over at my handsome husband to see if he is enjoying this as much as me, then I look out to the ocean, only I can't see it because of my big-with-child gut sticking out of my swimsuit. Let's hope Rosie doesn't grow much more in the next 120 hours. We'll have a gay old time (I'm bringing that word back) I am certain. BUT I am trying to cope with leaving my little Scarlet...I get teary every time she does something adorable because I don't want to miss those moments of her LIFE! I just know I am going to worrrrry my brains out!!! Worry, cry, go snorkeling, think about Scarlet, worry, see some sites hand in hand with my hunky hubby, wonder what Scarlet's doing, get choked up, cry, read a book on the beach, this is what I am guessing this vacation will be like and well, I can handle it...I HOPE!!! AHH I didn't even think about the Bermuda Triangle...what if our plane gets...and we go again. My poor husband.