Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scarlet DID turn 5!!

It seems like ancient history now that Scarlet turned 5!! It was a crazy couple of days. We had a family party on her actual birthday. She got to bring her best friend Hannah with her to storytime at the library, then to play their hearts out at Micky D's. When Dad got home went out to the cat place, or the firework place, aka costa vida and did some ball-ing, as Scarlet calls it, aka bowling. Then had dinner and played with Daddy on the slide. Perfect far as S was concerned. Then her Hannah Montana friend party was the next day. I was all partied OUT! But the show must go on and we got the cultural hall and some microphones and let the girls rock out the show on the stage. It was loud and chaotic and perfect.

This lady is growing up too fast. It has been a privileged to watch her grown and to get to be her mom(I sound like my mom). She continues to make us smile with her entertaining personality, spontaneous singing performances, contagious laugh and all her funny peculiar preferences (mostly her clothes, she is very picky. It has to be glitzy, and go well with her boots, which are pretty much welded to her her feet around the clock!) I am still a little in shock that my little chunky cheeked, bald headed baby girl is FIVE!! This is a serious milestone. At least she still lets me pull her on my lap and kiss her little face off. Some pics of my favorite five year old, on her special day.
(Proud to say I made that cake and I sort of enjoyed doing it. Kinda hurt me a little to cut it all to pieces...)

(We were a little surprised that Scarlet didn't really want to sing, she was WAY more interested in stealing the show with her dance moves.)

(The rock star crew, having cake, what a day!!)