Friday, March 2, 2012

Family Vaca

We did it. We finally went on another vacation with the whole gang. Meaning Dave and me, and our girls. We haven't done that since Disneyland a year and half ago. That trip was exhausting. The drive was looong, and the girls woke up at 5 every morning! Not my idea of a vacation! We must've recouped enough to venture out again. This time not QUITE so far. We headed to sunny St.George. And for once we actually got all the sun we were hoping for! It was a perfect week to be down south. We stayed at a condo and played all day until we were all SPENT. And the girls were in heaven. They LOVED the condo. They'd say, "can we go back home, but not our REAL home our new home?" Rosie kept forgetting what it was called and she would ask "can we go back to the Sando?" Or she would say, "whats that place called again at our vacation?" We the hot tub...the pools were like glacier water!! The best day we had was spent at the sand dunes. The girls could have stayed ALL day! It was perfect weather just enough sun with a perfect breeze. All that was missing was an ocean. The girls still woke up early, that was tough. But they are old enough now that they can watch shows until a more reasonable hour for Dave and I to drag ourselves out of bed. It was such a great trip. The girls kept saying I LOVE St.George. I kept thinking WHY is this so much fun!? Usually on vacations I get a little stressed or something. But it was so relaxing and fun to have Dave all to ourselves and our girls are finally at fun ages where they appreciate the surroundings. I just remember at Disneyland, exhausting myself trying to get them to be excited about everything. It's like it was all just too much to take in or something. But they loved every minute of this trip and it made it so much more worth it. Every few days Rosie will say, whats that place called again? I know exactly what she is asking. The condo. Ok ramble, ramble. Here are some pictures.