Friday, April 30, 2010

Home Girl

I know more pictures of my darlings, but what else is there to blog about? The SNOW outside--- that's too depressing. How about the sandwiches I eat every day for lunch, and how I am not sick of them and they always sound good (roast beef, cheese and spinach in one of those steak rolls from Walmart YUM!). We'll see how long it lasts. How about that I joined an online migraine forum? Is that interesting blog news--no its kind of nerdy. But maybe it's interesting to note that the spring/summer/fall of 2008 I had a migraine about every other week on average. BUT that same time span in 2009---NOT A SINGLE ONE!! Why!?? I was pregnant. That's all I can think of that was different. It's a mystery...even to my new forum friends. What else, is anyone else over joyed that my SOCCER season is back in full swing? If you are, I am glad to hear it because its one of the things that gets me thru the week. See how exciting my life is, now you know why I mostly post pictures of my cute kids. Especially this Home girl

This handsome fellow is turning 30 in a week!!!! Any great ideas to make it a memorable day!!??!?!?!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A little home update...

If you drive past our house there is no longer a big fat sign with a goofy dude smiling at you. We did not sell our house, as many of our neighbors suspected. My neighbor (that I don't see often enough I guess) came over to introduce himself yesterday because he thought we were the new owners of the home...hmmm. No, we are not going anywhere for a while I suspect. We took our home off the market, but we are still selling it by owner. But in three months or so we will most likely refinance and either rent it or add on to our kitchen. And I am ok with it, whatever IT is, I am ok. In other news...nope there is no other news except that I think I am in love-----WITH SPRING!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Look at this face!

Is it so wrong to be so in love with your offspring...? I have probably said it before, but do we think our kids are just so darn cute because they are little genetic replicas of ourselves? So deep down we are really just kind of in love with ourselves?? I don't know, but I do know there is nothing in the world that makes me so crazy with glee inside my little heart than THESE little peeple (purposely misspelled). Sorry if you are not as ecstatic as I am about MORE pictures of my little kiddies.

HELLO easter baby bunny! Kiss that FACE!

And here is Scarlet's favorite pose for pictures these days...

Rosie is obsessed with this side table. All day she tries to sneak away to climb all over it and bump her head and eat papers left there.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sad newzz

I knew it could happen and it did. They canceled the contract so we are back to square one. BUMMER. I think its my fault because my great idea for an April Fools joke yesterday was calling Dave to tell him the buyers terminated the contract. He believed me and then we giggled and giggled. See, I jinxed us. Well no laughs today...sigh. But after I shed a tear or two, I realized I am ok. When we went out to look at houses Wednesday I kept thinking how much I like my house, despite it's teeny tiny kitchen. We will keep the house posted, but I am not getting my hopes up again until we are are signed, sealed, delivered!! I mean it!