Sunday, October 2, 2011

Booking It

Has it been long enough. I haven't been posting about books for awhile. Maybe I was on an amazing vacation to a tropical island swimming with dolphins, or in Africa handing out food and clothes and hugs to the needy, or just busy with the hum drum everyday things... After watching alot of sad documentaries on the lives of so many suffering nations, how can I complain about a hum drum life!?! Any of those frightened, desperate women of the Congo would give ANYTHING to sit in my little kitchen and complain about not wanting to cook dinner. It is just too much sometimes to think about the horrendous circumstances other people in the world are experiencing right now, while I sit comfortably on my couch. One of these days soon I might just stop feeling sad about it and actually do something...just wait you will see... Anyway that came out of nowhere I think. I LOVE PARENTHOOD(the tv show). Now THAT came out of nowhere. Actually it was more out of nowhere to you, but to me it is constantly on my mind. OK onto the books...

The Memoirs of a Beautiful Boy
This was an interesting memoir, and even more so because I purchased it at (now don't let this sway your opinion...) the DOLLAR TREE!! It was the one in Spanish Fork. I barely glance at their books normally, but on this particular day I glanced. And I don't think it was a normal day because it was full of alot of interesting looking books, so I bought three. I have only read this one so far. The author tells about his life growing up of course since it is a memoir. But it was pretty interesting. I don't know if i would recommend it to everyone, it has some pretty foul language.

Talk Before Sleep
This was another Elizabeth Berg book. She is kind of that go to author for me, where I can count on getting an easy enjoyable enough read. Nothing fantastic, or life changing but passes the time. It was about two best friends one had cancer and is dying. It really made me miss my girl friends. I am hopeful that I will get to spend more time with my girl friends again. Maybe when my kids are older...

UnbrokenOk, this is a MUST read. It was the most miraculous story. So full of history, and a side of history that I was completely unaware of. Such an incredible experience that takes your breath away. It is a account of a man who is a pilot in WWII and all the unbelievable things he has to face. It is one of the most amazing books I have read in a long time. Some day I want to shake this man's hand!

HiroshimaI wanted to keep learning about the things I had read in Unbroken and this book was pretty crazy. War is such an awful thing. The aftermath of the atom bomb was unbelievable. I had never really paid attention or understood what the atom bomb was all about. I definitely didn't understand what it had done to those poor civilians. Japan is such an interesting culture and it was really terrifying to hear the stories of what happened that day the bomb hit.