Monday, September 22, 2008

Dear Da Da I have a secret...I love you...
I Know sometimes I play hard to get...don't be mad
Mommy's right it's just what girls do, we want to make sure you'll love us like crazy no matter how naughty we are
I want to be your favorite so I have to get between you and mommy when you hug so you don't forget me
You are the best Daddy in the whole world, you sing the best songs, read the funniest stories, and make me giggle till it hurts
Be patient with me because one of these days mommy will have to pry me, kicking and screaming, from your side because I've given up the game. I'm Daddy's girl, I'm just waiting till the right moment to come out and tell you.
I Love you Da Da. Don't you forget it!!!

Love you forever and ever...feel free to sneak into my room when I'm all growned up to rock me to sleep,

Scarlet Olivia St.Julien (age 20 mo.)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cutest Cousin

This is a tribute to our favorite little girl in Austin Texas. Charlotte Bailey Hofheins is her name. Her Daddy is my favorite older brother, Timothy "Scott" Hofheins. The bread baking, chicken coop buildin', art creatin' mommy is Lindsay. We love our family in Austin and wish they could be closer to us so we could squeeze them. We would squeeze Scott and Lind's occasionally but we would SQUEEZZZZZE their little Charlotte every second!!! You would too...

Squeeze who? Me? I dare you to try it...

Charlotte you are irresistibly cute we miss you and your Mom and Dad. Please don't get any cuter until we can see you again!! Love, Scarlet

Friday, September 5, 2008

Girls will be girls

It is true. Call me crazy, but I sometimes lump male and females genders together. All that "men are from mars women are from venus" stuff makes me roll my eyes. I feel like the line gets drawn and compassion, nurturing, and caregiving goes to women; cars, sports and rowdiness goes to the men. I never liked this notion much and I really think we are more alike than different...and I still do. HOWEVER; the longer I am married and the older Scarlet gets, the more I have to admit there are definitely differences...besides the obvious. Scarlet is pure GIRL!!! If you put a ball and baby in front of her, no hesitation that baby will get a love, a kiss and probably a diaper change. The ball may get a kick or a throw later, once the baby goes down for nie-night.

Scarlet is so fun to watch. She loves clothes and dress ups. At the store when we pass by clothes she reaches out to hold them and says "cute" and hugs them when I let her hold them. I swear I didn't teach her these things.

She found make-up at a friends and put lip stick all over her cheeks. Obviously I didn't teach her that one. I love this little girl, I love watching her learn and grow and become who she is.

She will sit with her "friends" and watch "a show". Her favorites are Elmo and baby signing time.