Thursday, August 19, 2010

And another

Forgot one. This book was VERY interesting. The story comes from records in Landcaster , England back in the days of King James the first, when witch craft was kind of infamous. The author bases the book on these records and created this incredible story. It made me wonder about these "witches" or "healers" and what was really going on...very intriguing.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Days like this

I am in a funk of sorts (or maybe just a case of the Monday blues). Yesterday was one of those moody, lay around days. I just felt grumpy and barely had patience for the whining and crying that my girls insisted on doing. So I sat in my messy house and read. Isn't that a great solution? Probably not, but I survived the day anyway. I feel a little better today, but there is just that little thunder cloud kind of looming over me! I will just go ahead and blame it on the new birth control I started a few weeks ago...there. Done! Life has been...interesting as of late. My sister got home from the mission, my Dad has had a relapse with his health, the curtains are wanting to close on summer (I am NOT ready) so I am trying to use our 7 peaks passes as much as possible. All of these details are to explain why I haven't had many book reviews recently. Fear not, I have be reading...
This was on my book club list. It is a memoir about a girl growing up in the Soviet Union in the 60's-70's. It was really eye opening for me. I didn't have a real grasp of what communism looked like. This book made me appreciate our freedoms, even though I get frustrated and complain alot about our government and the direction it is taking, I still have ALOT...ALOT to be greatful for.

I must be kind of drawn to the civil rights era. I keep finding these books about the lives of these slaves and I am so sickened and perplexed by it all. This particular story is actually based on the lives of the writers ancestors. She felt drawn to learn their history, so she quit her job as a VP in a fortune 500 company to research, travel and eventually write this historical novel. It's about survival and how these strong women did everything they could to make life easier for their families. Oh, it was painful to read but it was also very invigorating to see how bound these women were to family and whatever freedom they could obtain in a span of three generations.

Last but not least, just finished this one today. A girl finds out from her father, on his death bed that she has a half- sister. I would give this book a 3.75 stars. It was written well enough and had some interesting situations and themes. There was some language that I would have liked to deleted. I squeezed out a tear or two and it made me think about family ties, nice.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Rosie Posy

(Irrisitable! I am in LOVE with that baby!)

On Rosie's b day Scarlet woke up and burst through Rosie's door and shouted "Happy Birthday Rosie." I was honestly surprised Scarlet remembered by herself. Then they continues their usually morning ritual of playing in Rosie's crib until Dave or myself rolled out of bed. Sometimes we get to spy on them playing together. It's usually Rosie laying on Scarlet trying to poke her eyeballs and Scarlet giggles. Have I ever mentioned how lucky I am?? Oh I did. Right. Before Dave left for work he said to Rosie "I hadn't even met you yet this time last year!!"

How does time pass so slow and so fast at the same time?!? Its just something you never get used to, I guess. Do you think there will ever be a time stopper device? I mean, we never thought we would have half the technological shenanigans we do now. I would pause time for a few weeks, so I could watch Rosie walk JUST like she does right now. She kind of stumbles along sideways with her arms out and it is just too much for my heart to take (I wrote this post awhile ago and she walks different now, she plows forward now with a big wide stance). I just love all her faces and antics and I know I will forget them...sigh. Anyway, our one year old is a very delightful little girl. And if you are tired of hearing about her already then you will want to skip skip skip on down to the pictures, cuz momma needs to say some things so I can look back and remember what I loved about Rosie Sue.

She gives the sweetest hugs. She is a snuggler. She just buries her little head into your shoulder until you think your heart might burst. She snuggles any stuffed animal that is lucky enough to cross her path. She picks them up and squeezes them to her little neck. I get jealous sometimes the way she holds them so lovingly.

She just started to pucker her little lips for kisses. She will come at you with her shuffling feet and her head turned sideways, or whatever angle she needs to, so she can plant one right on the lips. She also likes to bring her stuffed animals over for a kiss or two.

She loves to drag books over and climb up on my lap and look and point at the pictures.

If we are not doing something fast enough she goes "uh-uh" and stamps her little feet. This happens if she needs a bite of something, or we aren't picking her up to read a book fast enough...etc.

She puts phones up to her ears and says "HI."

She started saying "UH-OH" and "Booo."

I am pretty sure Scarlet never did this---Rosie will wake up from a nap or in the morning and just hang out for awhile in her crib. We hear her making little noises, and we go peek in, she is usually just bumbling around, sometimes she will just be laying there staring up at the ceiling. We want to know what she is THINKING about!?!

She is a clingy little lady. I can't remember if Scarlet's separation anxiety went on this long and intense. What can I say, Dave and I are really cool I guess. She can't bear to have us out of her sight. Even if we are both there and one leaves she can barely cope (happy to report she is doing much better). I am glad she likes me but it gets a little exhausting sometimes.

She is a little thing. At her 1 year appointment she weighed in at 17 lbs and 6oz. She was in the 12th percentile but is now in the 5th. Its got to be that she NEVER stops moving!!

If any of us lay down she will stop whatever she is doing and come throw herself on top of you and just roll herself all over. She will wipe her snotty nose all over your shirt(and bite--watch out). If a pillow is on the ground she throws herself on top of it and rolls back and forth.

Her buck teeth are the icing on the cake. She has a world class grin and those dimples...just see if you can resist.

She is the strangest eater. I can't figure it out so she mostly lives off her bottle (eating better now too). I think it is partially laziness/second child syndrome. I just feed her a little of this and that throughout the day. Things she likes to eat at the moment; blueberries, chocolate(oops), yogurt, bites of my cereal, avacados, ...hmmm, bites of my lunch ...and dinner.

Ok that will have to do for now. She has had a good year, I think about how lucky she is that she gets to have a big sister to play with...even if this big sister is kind of... OVERLY affectionate ...that's a nice way to put it. Scarlet must have been bored stiff with just me around to do the entertaining. Rosie gets a front row seat to all kinds of theatrics, and dramatics that take place around here.

Is that long enough for those of you who made it this far...??? I could go on and on...but I won't, for now anyway.

Pictures of a very cute one year old...

(Rosie went through 3 outfits during her party, if you didn't notice.)