Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Family Scientist

Hello I am a scientist. Nice to meet you. Dave and I, you heard me DAVE and I, have been reading a book together. It is very fun and romantic and I highly suggest it. We are reading The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown. We read his last 2 books together also, and I liked it. I think Dave does too, but he sometimes complains that during the intense moments I read too fast and tap my fingers and wiggle my toes for him to HURRY up already!

This is a very interesting read as it delves into the ideas and workings of the world of masonry, which has always intrigued me. Most of Brown's main characters are these brilliant scientist in their field of study. As the book is winding down I've gotten this feeling like I really want to be brilliant about something!! I mean there are scientist out there that have made miraculous discoveries, things that I wouldn't even DREAM were possible!! I started thinking about how puny my brain must look to theirs, and how menial and disappointing my life must seem to them. I thought how neat it would be to study all the great thinkers and comprehend their ideas and make discoveries and uncover mysteries of my own. Somehow this kinda thinking bums me out. I look at all the millions of books out there that would fill my mind with wonders of geology, politics, and history and so on...instead I spend my time reading mostly fiction books about a whole lot of nothing...and I am thoroughly entertained.

There is a semi happy ending to this thought process. There is always a little whispering that happens somewhere in my being that tells me "you are doing an important work, don't diminish the calling of motherhood." Then I think, is that me just trying to make myself feel better? Just another excuse for living below my potential. The feeling comes back, if I listen close it feels like its saying "Your science and field of research are these beautiful miraculous people that have been entrusted to you, you get to watch and assist them grow. Isn't it a miraculous thing? Don't discredit this great privilege and responsibility." Its true.

If you feed your babies a white milky substance that comes from your body the baby will GROW. If you hug them, hold them, kiss them and pretend they understand when you whisper in their ear that they are precious and beautiful and so special to you, that one day they will talk back and make you smile all over, inside and out, and they will be your greatest treasure in the universe.


Confirmed. So far so good!


You know it is Winter
When you step outside
in shorts
with a smile because
48 degrees
feels like 70.


ps i don't remember what a haiku is but lets pretend i do

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

say cheese...pleeeease!!!

We got my sister in law Katie to come get some pictures of our new and improved family. It was kinda last minute and the sun was slowly fading, but I think we got some goodies! Scarlet was TROUBLE! She was not cooperating, we had to bribe her with candies, and promises of Dora to get her to smile. It was semi-successful, she squeezed out a few grins but it took A LOT of work. We even broke the rules and tried bringing out the potty words like poo poo, not even those would snap her out of it! Oh well, she is just as cute to me when she frowns:) Thanks Kate you are very nice and verrrrrry talented. Katie does weddings too...if anyone is looking for a great photographer:)


Here we are on that spooky night. If you can't tell Scarlet is Sleeping Beauty, Rosie is a ballerina, Dave is the handsome prince, and I am a square dancer (I borrowed one of Dave's grandma's dresses she uses for such occasions). It was a great day/night. We had a blast watching Scarlet enjoy getting lots and lots of candy. She acted so grown up. She tried really hard not to be afraid of the scary painted faces and masks. She would grab onto me whilst saying "I'm not scared, its just pretend..." Oh the wonders of Haaalllloweeeeeennn....