Tuesday, March 30, 2010


BIG NEWS!!!! Yesterday we got an offer on our house, we countered and they ACCEPTED!!! I am feeling dumbfounded. Part of me thought it wasn't really going to happen. I am still a little reluctant to get all of my hopes up, because there are still a few hoops to jumps through till we are in the clear but...I am letting myself be a little EXCITED!!! I walk around my house today saying to myself, do you really want to leave its kinda cute here?! I wonder if Scarlet will remember this house and her room with the butterflies...and her awesome backyard...and Reams a block away. Sniffle, I am getting a little sentimental. Anyway so that is the newzzzz. I will try to post more when we know more. Here are some girls in Easter dresses...

Just a little proud of that hair do, its alot of work to get this girl to hold still long enough to get a hold of those wild wisps of hair! At least I don't have to sit on her yet, which is what my Mom claims she would do to me:)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Holy Moley Rosie

This baby is on the move!!! We stand her on her feet and she will just hang out like that for like 10 seconds!! She went from belly bumping, to crawling, to standing up on things to THIS in like a month. She is so adorable---but she seems too little to be so big. Here is a smattering of pictures I managed to get this morning. I noticed I haven't posted pictures of Rosie for awhile. Its because I haven't taken very many. Second child syndrome for sure...darn it. So feast your eyes a moment on this little blue eyed, dimpled doll. She is such a delight. Maybe we don't take many pics because it usually ends up with Scarlet fighting to get her grimey little hands on the camera, there are usually booger noses and dirty laundry laying around(don't look too close). Not to mention I am usually sporting the bra-less pajama look, and we all wind up grumpy. Grumpiness and bedhead exemplified in the charming picture at the end, taken by Scarlet of course.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Dear Scarlet,

Sorry you are still in your pajamas watching pbs kids. Sorry, I haven't smiled at you very much this morning either...I am tired. You are very cute when you wake up but it is hard to appreciate it when you climb in my bed at 5:45 am because its too dark in your room. Lets get a better night light. Sorry you bonked your head when I put you in timeout for "squishing" Rosie. I love you very very much.

Love, Mom
Dear Rosie,

Sorry you tipped over and bonked your head so many times this morning because I was closing my eyes trying to rest. Maybe it is good for you to learn not to climb on everything, or maybe not. You tried really hard to entertain yourself and I appreciate it. You are very very cute, thank you for going down early for a nap. I love you very very much.

Love, Mom
Dear David,

Sorry for grunting at you when you said goodbye this morning. I was tired. I love you too. Thanks for getting up every morning when you are tired and going to work. I don't know how you do it with out being grumpy allll day long. I promise I will be nice when you get home. I am taking a nap now. I love you.

Love, Heidi

Whats that ya say!?

Scarlet is so dang fun to talk to. I catch myself laughing at things she says all day long. She is so entertaining. For example, we were all lounging on the couch trying to get our fill of hugs from Rosie. It usually ends up with all of us squished in together and we call it a"family hug." So, in the middle of one of these nice, tight family hugs, Scarlet decided it was a little too tight and yells out "TOO much FAMILY!" What a gal, what a silly little gal. This morning I drew her a pictures of some butterflies and she said " I want to be a butterfly someday when I grow up to be a ballerina..." Sounds good to me:) I can't get enough. I can't get enough of these two cutie pantses.
Rosie cannot hold still! In the last few weeks she has become a serious crawler(it looks like a mix of crawling and bouncing along her belly) and she stands up all over the place. I leave the room for one minute and come back to find her standing up against the laundry basket (or on my leg) smiling her pretty little face off. She is 15lbs and 26 inches of BUSY-NESS! I still just wish I had cameras all over my house to catch all the amazing things these little people do, as long as I could edit out a few things...