Saturday, June 13, 2009

New camera and storytime

HOORAY!! We have been dying the last few months because our camera was pretty much USELESS. You could sneak one or two pictures out of it before it would die. It took us forever to find the "right"' camera. I finally told Dave to just get something, anything!! The internet is really nice BUT it makes my compulsive indecisiveness impossible to handle! So here are a few pics, with our 12 mega pixel giga watt camera. Dave's foot in all its glory. He sat on the bed and wiggled his foot all over taking pictures then he'd say " look at that action shot, I was moving all over" and he'd repeat this little game over and over each time thoroughly amazing himself. From the moment he got home until I fell asleep he was tinkering with his new toy.

Here is me with my 8 month, one day old friend "Belly" I take it everywhere I go and it bounces and moves and bumps and thumps all day long. I took it to Chuck-a-Rama last night and stuffed it to almost over flowing, but it was blissful. Is it taboo to LOVE Chuck a Rama? Their stuffing and cinnamon pull aparts...mmm... STOP ME!!

This is Scarlet being her unpredictable little self. We get that look a lot, and usually completely out of nowhere. Funny story not about that pic, but still funny. Dave and I were at ODDS trying to decide what to have for dinner last night. He was more interested in that camera that my grumbling tummy! We finally hopped in the car and went looking for food. I was nigh on "grumpy", but not yet to "unreasonably, unsensibly, don't say the wrong thing, grumpy" I didn't want to wait for food, but didn't want fast food.

So as we were nearing the outskirts of Springville, Dave says we could go to the buffet that he went to 12 years ago after a camping trip that he rememberd was "really good!" Sounded good enough to me. We get in and it smells like truckers and cig's. "Thats ok" I am thinking the buffet could still be good. We sit down and tell the waitress we need a sec while I go check out the buffet. And it was a GOOD thing I DID!!! It had a 2 little buffet table things. One with some nasty, dryish concocsion that, after checking the label was potatoes, watery veggies, some crumbly day old shrivelled stuffing and a few other undistiguishable dishes. The salad bar looked like a hum drum cafeteria salad bar, nothing appetizing about it. So, how to tactfully get the heck out of this place and go to Chuck a Rama! I sat back down with Dave and told him what I had seen. The waitress had brought our waters and was coming back any minute to take our orders...YIKES. I told Dave we should just wait till no one was looking and RUN for it. He said no. How about fake that I was going into labor? No. But a highly pregnant lady CAN all of a sudden feel really sick, which I would have been if I was forced to eat that food! So when the waitress came around I put on my best 'I don't feel so good' look and it was good enough that she asked if I was feeling ok. I told her "not really, but I'll be fine." She said she'd give us another second. When she dissapeared I grabbed Scarlet and headed out the door while Dave went to explain to the hostess that I was not feeling well. WE ESCAPED!! They were full of sympathy, and we didn't have to eat crunchy, shriveled stuffing! Win-win? I'd say so. The pregnancy card has got its benefits:)

This little girls is full of it, and I don't mean just boogies. She loves to pick her nose. And I have cuaght her eating her boogies (sorry if you can't handle this). Of course we explain to her that boogers are sooo yucky and full of yucky things. One time I said "Scarlet yuck why did you eat your boogie?" She replied "I like them." Thats gross, but lets be realistic who doesn't pick their nose? When we tell Scarlet not to pick her nose she says "but I have a boogie." Well when I have a boogie I pick my nose too, so how can I stop her. The problem is where the boogie ends up. We have coached her on getting tissues or asking for a tissue and then she can pick away. My favorite thing lately, which cracks me UP, is she'll say "Mommy (or Daddy) can I pick my nose?" Gotta love her!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Prepare for Take Off

This is the kind of treatment Scarlet gets sometimes when Mom and Dad want to play. We like to still try and get out and do things like racquetball and volleyball, and sometimes Scarlet ends up tagging along. This is how we got her to let us play volleyball the other night. We forgot a jacket for her but some little boy left his outside, so we put it to good use. Yes, it's Lightning Mcqueen, and yes she could easily be mistaken for a boy-what's new? We put Cinderella on the Laptop, strapped on the ole headphones, and viola! Happy baby, happy family:) We've done similar things at the rec. center when we play racquetball....should I be admitting all this...anyway just thought these were some classic pics.