Wednesday, November 10, 2010


We did it! We took a week long family vacation to Disneyland. It was a fun trip, we are glad we made the memories. Our girls loved it, we think...between the crying and hair pulling I think they had fun. Scarlet was terrified of all the characters, except for the princesses OF COURSE! It was pretty ridiculous, but I guess I should have known. It was fun for Dave and I, we had to laugh about how giddy we would act to try to get our girls to show some enthusiasm. Glad we braved the journey and glad to be home in one piece. And not a trace of vacation blues for me yet...

(Pure heaven, she was so cute with the princesses I got all choked up, it was like she was being reunited with her long lost friends)

(little Rose bud being the brave one, while Scarlet was most likely screaming somewhere in the background)

(And of course the BEACH!! It was like mid to high 80's all week. I am wearing shorts today JUST to try and make a point!! Oh sunny California, see you in my dreams.)

(this pic pretty much says it all)