Friday, December 9, 2011

Life's little treats

So I was chatting with Dave the other day and he was wondering why I didn't keep a journal anymore? We had pulled out one of my recent journals the other day to look at some of our baby name ideas (sorry if this is my way of breaking the new to you...I'm 12 weeks pregnant weeee...). I read some of my entries and it seemed like I had such a busy exciting life...what happened!? I feel like if I were to still keep a journal all I would talk about was what Rosie said or did or how big and beautiful Scarlet was getting, and all my mom worries and hopes and fears. I would babble about soccer and what hum drum things I did while waiting around until Dave got home... Or maybe not. MAYBE, keeping a journal makes you see the little neat things and ideas you have that get lost or forgotten if you don't write them down. For example today I uh...well I um... Ok for reals I went to my first baby check up. I didn't realize how eager I was to make sure my body wasn't playing tricks on me and that I actually had a little human inside me. Its not a trick, I got to hear a beautiful, fast, strong human heartbeat coming from my belly! It was music to my ears. I kept a journal for like 20 years...but for now I just don't feel like it. So this blog will have to be the next best thing. And the pictures will have to tell most of the stories...that ain't so bad, right?
(Introducing Hannah Montana, the rock star. Scarlet was singing full blast at the park and giving Noah and I (and everyone else nearby) the show of a lifetime. She is a riot!)

(Two of her biggest fans)

(loving Noah)

(some pictures from one of the last nice fall days we had...those were great days...come back soon. This girl is just irresistible to me. I love this adventurous, clever little two year old with a serious passion!!)

(The Babysitter. Scarlet's favorite past time, besides watching Hannah Montana, is this little man. She loves to play, snuggle, hold, kiss her cousin Noah ever chance she gets. She was pushing him in this stroller and he was as happy as a clam. A few weeks later she wanted to try it again and Noah wouldn't fit! This boy is a'growin.)

(Rosie snuck into my mascara, obviously. But she wasn't pleased with the results. When she looked in the mirror she was scared. She said "its a monster!" We had a good laugh.)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Howl. A. Ween.

Here is a bit of our Happy Halloween. Rosie was the best. She was in shock, all she had to do was hold out her pumpkin bucket to strangers and they would put candy in it! AMAZING!! Did I mention holidays rock when you have kids...oh i did...oh every holiday? Well it's still true. Halloween will always rock because of all the candy(which i steal from my sweet children). I will forever be a treat-a-holic...snickers...twix...almond joys...mmm...
(Hannah if it wasn't obvious...which it wasn't bc nobody knew what she was. Oh well SHE knew.)
(and a unicorn, nice and warm.)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Booking It

Has it been long enough. I haven't been posting about books for awhile. Maybe I was on an amazing vacation to a tropical island swimming with dolphins, or in Africa handing out food and clothes and hugs to the needy, or just busy with the hum drum everyday things... After watching alot of sad documentaries on the lives of so many suffering nations, how can I complain about a hum drum life!?! Any of those frightened, desperate women of the Congo would give ANYTHING to sit in my little kitchen and complain about not wanting to cook dinner. It is just too much sometimes to think about the horrendous circumstances other people in the world are experiencing right now, while I sit comfortably on my couch. One of these days soon I might just stop feeling sad about it and actually do something...just wait you will see... Anyway that came out of nowhere I think. I LOVE PARENTHOOD(the tv show). Now THAT came out of nowhere. Actually it was more out of nowhere to you, but to me it is constantly on my mind. OK onto the books...

The Memoirs of a Beautiful Boy
This was an interesting memoir, and even more so because I purchased it at (now don't let this sway your opinion...) the DOLLAR TREE!! It was the one in Spanish Fork. I barely glance at their books normally, but on this particular day I glanced. And I don't think it was a normal day because it was full of alot of interesting looking books, so I bought three. I have only read this one so far. The author tells about his life growing up of course since it is a memoir. But it was pretty interesting. I don't know if i would recommend it to everyone, it has some pretty foul language.

Talk Before Sleep
This was another Elizabeth Berg book. She is kind of that go to author for me, where I can count on getting an easy enjoyable enough read. Nothing fantastic, or life changing but passes the time. It was about two best friends one had cancer and is dying. It really made me miss my girl friends. I am hopeful that I will get to spend more time with my girl friends again. Maybe when my kids are older...

UnbrokenOk, this is a MUST read. It was the most miraculous story. So full of history, and a side of history that I was completely unaware of. Such an incredible experience that takes your breath away. It is a account of a man who is a pilot in WWII and all the unbelievable things he has to face. It is one of the most amazing books I have read in a long time. Some day I want to shake this man's hand!

HiroshimaI wanted to keep learning about the things I had read in Unbroken and this book was pretty crazy. War is such an awful thing. The aftermath of the atom bomb was unbelievable. I had never really paid attention or understood what the atom bomb was all about. I definitely didn't understand what it had done to those poor civilians. Japan is such an interesting culture and it was really terrifying to hear the stories of what happened that day the bomb hit.

Monday, September 19, 2011

New Doo's

It was about time my girls had hair cuts. Rosie had a serious mop and Scarlet's long Rapunzel hair (well you know it reaches her bum, in the tub if she is arching her back as far as it goes...which she makes sure to measure every time) was extra straggley(if that's even a word). I took them to a little salon and we had a hair day. They were both really adorable in the chair. Rosie made sure I held her hand the whole time and she tried not to squirm, well maybe she tried for a few seconds. Scarlet of course loved every minute of it, she was maybe just a tad nervous the lady would cut too much. After seeing Rosie's haircut Scarlet considered cutting hers shorter...someday. Whenever anyone commented on Rosie's hair we had to make sure they knew Scarlet got a trim, and that it made her curls more bouncy. Which it did and made it WAY easier to brush...but I could have cut it myself. Which a few years ago I would have DEFINITELY done it myself, but something is slowly taking over me. Sometimes it is just worth it to get done the easy way, maybe not the cheapest way. AH its still kind of painful...sigh. The real problem is that sure I COULD do alot of things myself but I DON' they never get done. So there you go. Hair cuts.

feeling pose-y...

Monday, September 12, 2011

School girl

School dayz, school dayz. Its only semi-official because it's only preschool and its only twice a week. I was just as excited as Scarlet to see her off on this new adventure. Come find me in a few years when she is off to first grade...if I let her go (I don't know if I will). Since last year Scarlet has been dreaming of the day she would get to go to school. How long will this excitement for school last...I'm guessing 5th grade. For me it was as soon as math homework came along, and when my teachers kept getting after me to pay attention!!! I just didn't understand why they were butting into my social life! Here I am surrounded by my friends and I have to pay attention to what some old fuddy duddy teacher had to say about science? Forget about it. *sigh* Hopefully Scarlet will be a better student than I ever was, hopefully her love of learning will last her WHOLE lifetime. Dream never know it COULD happen...

I know the lighting on this one is not the best, but just look at that chin rest pose. I remembering wishing and hoping I could do a chin/fist pose. I don't think I ever got to. See, She is already surpassing me in her achievements.
Man I wish I was a better photography...and/or had an amazing camera. Preschool just wouldn't be complete without Scarlet's best buddy Hannah.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Me and the girls were all down for a much needed nap. Whilest Scarlet and I were snuggled in my bed, in a fuzzy dream stupor, I hear Dave come in the door. Home at last. I was still drowsy and not ready to completely wake up. So I was in that half dream like state and I could hear Dave in the kitchen making his infamous after work snack, pb and j. He was moving the keys around, opening cupbaords and what not, regular old kitchen sounds. As time passes I keep noticing he is still in the kitchen...more time slips by...still there and then he starts making a really obnoxious racket with a bag or something crackly. Doesn't he know I am trying to drift back into dreamland for HEAVEN SAKES!? So I drag myself out of bed and stomp into the kitchen ready to demand what in tarnations is he up to with all that racket!?

and here is what I find...

It's a ROSIE!

Not the first time I have stumbled onto a scene like this lately...

Looks like I need to do some Rosie proofing.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2 year old in the house!

Cutest two year old had a birthday. We are lovin this girl. She cracks us up. She is so talkative and has the best little sentences. Its hard to keep a straight face in her presence, because she is so little but she talks so big. Anytime we would ask her about her birthday there were three things she was counting on. Horsies, candies and presents. Well not such a tough list...but what was she imagining when she said HORSIES?? I don't know, but she got horsies on her cake and she seemed fine with that! PHEW. My favorite things she says and does right now changes everyday. Her way of persuading me is to ask for something and if I say no she asks again but says little tiny in front of the question. Like her bottle(i know, i know i am working up the mental energy to get rid of that thing!!) when I say no, she says 'little tiny baba milk, little tiny!?' Or it's 'little tiny show', or our newest favorite is when she is trying to wait for her turn to hold my brother's new baby, she tells us she is being 'a little tiny patient.' She just brightens our lives so much. Yesterday I just could not resist holding her SO tight and kissing her adorable face SO much. Here are some great pics. My Sis-in-law Katie brought her fancy camera and got some WINNER pictures I am going to have to frame a bunch of these! Thanks Camera Katie.

L-O-V-E love those FACES!! Two girls three legs?? It's a mystery...

Thursday, June 30, 2011

bein' awesome in austin

We went to visit my brother and his family last week in Austin TX. We had a BLAST, we learned a smidge of what it was like to live in 105 degree weather (PLUS humidity...woof). GAH! It was sticky. It didn't stop us, maybe slowed us down a little. But we got to see and do lots of fun things. Most of them had to do with water(and food, yummy restaurants and treats is Austin). If you happen to ask Rosie about Texas she will tell you all about the choo choo train, snow cone, and tickets. I think that was her favorite part. It was so fun to get our fill of our favorite Texas family, we love them and miss them to pieces. Don't grow up or do anything fun until we see you again! Deal? Deal.

Lay over in Denver...


Chooo chooo...all aboard the Zilker Zepher
not actually planning to get wet...too hard to resist, it was around 8:30 and still like 90 degrees!

buckets of fun for EVERYONE(especially Scotty boy)


holy rusted metal batman, is there a cuter FACE!?