Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What's New

I think I blog more often when I don't have a book that I am really into. I was a little proud of myself for something, Scarlet was a little proud of herself too. Dave and I have a list of things to find at garage sales. We stumbled upon this chair a few weeks ago, it's cozy, it rocks and it swivels...but the best part, it was 3 dollars! The one downfall, it was a nasty faded pink. "No problem" I assure my darling Dave "I'll just cover it"...inside I was thinking great another thing I say I'll do and never get around to. BUT LOOK!!! I did it. This isn't the finished product, I was in the middle of pinning when I took this pic. However, the finished product doesn't look THAT much better. I am a little challenged when it comes to details...lets leave it at that. Scarlet was working on her own project. She did a lovely job coloring her knees, and I knew she was doing it. I didn't mind because she was distracted from my pins, and she's cute, and artistic.Another happening...

We found Scarlet a "big girl" bed! This was another yard sale special. She loves sleeping in her bed. Although as you can see sleeping IN her bed has been a little tough for her. The first few weeks she would wake up crying on the floor. But for the last few nights she has stayed in. I love hearing her get out of bed and seeing her come trotting into our room in the morning (even though its usually around 6AM!!). She seems SO grown UP!! Yesterday she came in, gave me a hug and then disappeared back in her room. I hear her taking off her clothes and diaper, then her potty lid going up, then some fumbling I realized she was putting her pee pee's from her little potty into the toilet. She flushed and came running back into our room with a huge grin and the clothes she picked out for the day!!!! I love this little GIRL! I must be some kind of nerd but it is so amazing to watch my baby GROW. I love being a mom, I especially love being Scarlet's mom. I keep thinking, can I really love another little person this much!!? Word on the street is, you can, and you will, but I can't imagine it. I still have a feeling this bumping thing inside me is really an alien. 6 more weeks and we'll see...

Thursday, May 7, 2009


THIS is why I think Rosie needs to come into our family.
(during that final rampage she somehow pulled off 2 pillow cases and is using one for a blanket)

This little girl's mom is a PUSHOVER!! I must be. Scarlet has way too much control in our relationship. This is a prime example. It has happened a few times. Scarlet normally naps really great, for a few hours a day. Occasionally I will let her sleep in "Mommy's bed" because I think it's cute and is she usually goes to sleep, I figure it can't hurt (we'll see I guess). Today I put her down at 12:45 ish and she didn't seem ALL that sleepy but that's normal. She finished her bottle and began to sing and talk to "Rella" (Cinderella barbie) who is sleeping with her today. This is also semi-normal and she usually falls asleep. Well, I heard head shoulders knees and toes a few times, temple and other cute chatter, then she started to yell to me "Mommy where are you, time go sleep, mommy hold you..." by now it is 1:15pm. I let it go on a few more minutes until I decide she's not gonna stop. She is standing in her crib so I pick her up and tell her its time for ni-nights and she doesn't like that so I ask if she will go to sleep in mommy's bed? OF COURSE SHE WILL...but she needs me to lay by her...so I do...because she is really cute and I like to snuggle with her...but I really want her to sleep!! So I repeat over and over, no talking, no playing, no touching as she asks me countless questions like

S:"Mommy what this say(pointing at the little print on the pillow)
ME: it says Mommy's pillow (it really says like firm rest or something)
S: What this say?(some other smaller words on the pillow)
Me: it says go to sleep

Then she pokes my eyes, rubs my cheeks, pushes my hair back, she won't let me turn over she needs to see my face...we end up singing twinkle twinkle little star and she starts laughing and pulling up my eye lids...gah! So I keep threatening to take her back to her bed, and finally I pick her up and walk to her room and of course she is screaming, so I tell her one last try! I get her a little more bottle and as soon as she is done she starts tickling my face and whispering things to me. I'm really getting frustrated at myself for this mess I have created. So I tell her I am going in the other room until she falls asleep.

She sees me take the computer and so she needs to watch Caillou, and comes out to the living room, I chase her back to bed, she cries a little, sings a little, talks a little, and FINALLY silence... it's 2:15!!! Maybe when Rosie gets here there simply won't be enough of me to have these little rendezvous. I'll be able to put my foot down because I won't have much of a choice...I guess we'll see in a few months...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What a HUNK

Today is Dave's 29th birthday!! We were talking about his past birthdays and we remembered when we were engaged I made him breakfast and took it over to his house at like 6:30 in the morning. I was so SCARED!! First of all I was afraid Dave would have just gotten out of the shower and run for the bathroom without a towel right as I walked in or something. Or be getting dressed...you get the idea. Well none of those things happened, he was fast asleep in bed. I made him a fantastic breakfast burrito, which I have never ever been able to replicate, I used some chicken leftovers from my parents or something. Just thinking about that morning brought back all those lovin' feelings.

I know I recently posted about my wonderful husband so I'll try to keep this one brief. I appreciate so many things about David, I am so glad he was born 29 years ago.

I am glad he still thinks I am the most beautiful girl in the world, he tells me so everyday. Either he tells me or he makes Scarlet say "mommy you're goo-jiss (gorgeous), or mommy your beautiful" So thanks to him she continues to repeat it all day.

Dave said to me the first time he said I love you was that he realized all he wanted in life now was to make me happy. And he has.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID! I love you, thanks for getting born.