Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Little Ms. Smarty pants

Scarlet is just a little chatterbox. We finally caught some on video, ENJOY! For those of you who need help translating she tells her address "401 Brookside." Rosie is what we think we'll call our new baby and Scarlet loves to talk about baby Rosie. She says Rosie's due date, "July 10th." The rest, I think, is pretty easy to follow. Dave and I watch this video over, and over and bust up laughing when Scarlet says she'll tell Rosie "HI." I Love this LITTLE BIG GIRL!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Farewell Sis. Hofheins

My lil' sister left to go on her mission yesterday, she's going to Des Moines, Iowa (pronounced da-moyn, not dess moynes). I was surprised at how excited I was in those last moments, I thought I would be super sad and emotional. I did shed a few tears but for the most part I just couldn't stop thinking about what an amazing missionary Cami will be and thinking of all the incredible things she will experience. I am a tad jealous, I loved my mission and I wish I could be Cami's companion. At her setting apart I was thinking, you know in this life I may never get to preach and teach with my Cami like I want to. I pictured us hitting the streets in our frumpy mission clothes, knocking doors and lovin' it. I decided there is probably no chance of that unless I somehow get to fly over there and see her. BUT, I decided in the spirit world we're going to go tracting, I just know it!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Me again

Here is a list I did on facebook, 25 random things about me. I thought I would post it here too for those of you who don't facebook...enjoy.

1. I kiss my little Scarlet's cheeks so much they usually smell like my slobber. I like the smell of her feet and her breath (especially after a nap...she's two, I know it's strange).

2. One of the things Dave and I like to argue about is how he should let me pop his zits. I LOVE popping zits and he can't take the pain. I tell him his zits want to be popped so I am doing him a favor...sadly he can't see it that way. I've often thought I should have been a dermatologist.

3. I love to create things with my hands. I wish I would have majored in art. I have alot of art work and when I get around to showing people they are usually very nice and say I am really good. I've only really done some drawing and water coloring.

4. Sometimes when I am in the car I sing to my favorite songs like I am trying out for American Idol...I don't think I would really want to be in the competition, but part of me wants to try out just to see what it's like.

5. I love to play soccer. I love it more than I ever have in my life, and I wish I could be playing right now!

6. Old news to many of you who will read this, but I have had dreads, dyed my hair turquoise, had a bonified mohawk, and then shaved my head all in about two weeks time.

7. I've written around 20 original songs. Of those 20 I can probably only remember and play 13 or so. I used to think I'd make something of my guitar playing and singing but now I just play for fun when someone can talk me into it. I really want to write more songs again soon.

8. My friends and I did some really strange, and at the time we thought hilariously funny, things to keep ourselves entertained during those high school/early college years. We used to sneak into people's hot tubs, and I think we went skinny dipping in about every apartment pool in Provo.

9. I think my husband is really "HOT." Sometimes when I look at him I still get butterflies because he's so handsome.

10. On my mission I didn't shave my arm pits. I was curious how long they could grow. My junior and senior year I only shaved my legs a few times, once because someone paid me 10 bucks.

11. I have never had braces. However, I always kinda wanted them. What I really wanted was a retainer. I would talk my friends into letting me try theirs on, none of them ever fit.

12. I wrote Micheal Jackson a letter when I was in high school. I was trying to convince him to let me be one of his back up dancers, I never heard back.

13. I used to be head over heels obsessed with Dave Mathews (the band). I was sure we were meant for each other. I had a pillow case with his face on it. My friend and I would take pictures of ourselves kissing him on tv.

14. I was a cheerleader my senior year of HS. That was one of the only things my Mom didn't want me to do. Don't worry, I still didn't feel inclined to shave my legs.

15. I love to dance and have done all kinds; jazz, hip hop, ballet, African, ballroom, tap and modern, which is definitely my least favorite.

16. It's a rare thing when I cook dinner. Poor David, it's a good thing he loves PB and J.

17. I used to looooove pickles. I would eat pickle and mayonnaise sandwiches. I loved that sour taste, I remember putting SALT on my pickles.

18. I threw a ski boot at by brothers head when I was like 7, and I think he still has a scar. In my defense I do believe he was going to throw at chair at me first.

19. My friend Tabby and I used to listen to "Uptown Girl" on her sister's record player, read teen magazine and hope and dream that we'd be pretty and have big boobs when we grew up.

20. My freshman year of HS I got locked in a locker and another time thrown in the garbage by an idiot senior named Jon Welsh. Ahhh it was a great year.

21. I used to have a recurring dream where I'd push my bottom teeth against my top teeth until they'd rip out. I was always so mad at myself while I was doing it but I wouldn't stop. Bizarre!

22. I told my sister I'd pay her 20 bucks if she'd eat some dog poop we were cleaning off the lawn. She did it, but claims I never paid up. Who would do that!?

23. I popped my knee out of place playing rugby for Weber State. I had to lay on the ground forever with my knee cap hanging out on the side of my leg. Ouch.

24. Scarlet insisted on eating a doggie treat the other day, so I let her. In the mean time we all reminisced about the times we ate dog food as kids.

25. On my mission I had a crazy allergic reaction to something (maybe shrimp). It made my whole body swell. I had to crawl out to the car to go to the hospital because my feet were so swollen.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

California Dreamin'

We took a lovely little vacation to California to visit family, that was in NOVEMBER!!! But it was a fabulous trip and I have been meaning to post some pics from the trip. Of course Scarlet was the star of the show there. She was thoroughly entertained being loved by her cousins and Grandparents.

This was a dress my Mom wore when she was little...
Scarlet snuggled up with Grandma.

Scarlet discovered olives. This is Dylan, looking seductive ( sorry, D it's not the best pic of you).
Scarlet giving "Uncle Sock"(Scott) a kiss goodnight.
Grandpa gets one too.
Snuggling with Tanner.
And of course Bailey, they were inseperable. They played and fought like sisters.
We love you California family, we miss you and can't wait until the next time we get to play.