Monday, December 27, 2010

T'was a few days after Christmas...

It was a jolly holiday. I love Christmas, but there is a little part of me that says hmmm. It isn't really the day or season Christ was born, so they say...and Santa and the whole commercialization(here comes a real run-on sentence that can't be helped) and going on a shopping spree for weeks and then in a few hours on Christmas morning its over...and then I think, did I really think about the true meaning of Christmas enough? And what does Christ really think about Christmas, does he just kinda raise his eyebrows and say "What do I have to do with all this?" I think he appreciates our seasonal selflessness. There is definitely a feeling around Christmastime that is special and different. Is it just that we are thinking a little more about others and reflecting a little more about Christ? I don't know. But I do know I like giving (and receiving) gifts to those I love most and those in need. I know the most important gift is the one we give to the Lord. That's what I should be focused on, not just at Christmastime but all the time. So...with all that here is our Christmas.(Christmas morning I made this happen, on our couch, self-timed. Better than nothin'.)

A few days before Christmas, almost enough to keep Daddy home from work

St.Julien Christmas eve rendition of The Nativity. Incase it's unclear those are angels...and yes one of the angels is playing with an iphone.

Good morning! A little too early if you asked me...but nobody ever did, or does.

Our very own Rapunzel Scarlet Olivia St.Julien

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and has a Happy New Year!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

You make me feel like dancin'

Can you determine the true desires of your daughters heart at age 3 and 3/4ths? What I mean is, if Scarlet loves nothing more than to dance and prance and sing and bow anytime anywhere, does it mean something about her destiny? Or is it just what all 3 going on 4 year olds do? I just want a little peek at the future.

My girls are both killing me lately with their cuteness. Yesterday Rosie shocked both of us with a loud "burp!" She looked at me with that mischievous grin and said "Buup!" Who is teaching her these words?! I have been keeping track of her new words for the past few months and these last few weeks FORGET it. I can't keep track anymore, she busting out three to five new ones a day! Most astounding word as of late, "triangle."

trying out a new do...its a keeper.

Scarlet is a little bit obsessed right now with bad dreams. Every night before prayers she says "mom, say make me have good dreams, make me have good dreams, three times OK?!" I try to explain that it's unnecessary to be repetitive, we end up settling on 2 times. The last few nights she says to Dave, "when you come check on me if I have this face (scrunches up her face and pulls down her lip) then WAKE ME UP I am having a BAD dream!"The best is that they are really starting to enjoy each other. And Scarlet can be just a helpful as she is trouble, when it comes to Rosie at least.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Book weather

Looks like snow means back to the couch, absorbed in a good book. I just finished a couple and excited to read a couple more...

This was a really intriguing story. Wasn't expecting to sit down and almost read it in ONE day! Ok not quite but ALMOST. This story is told thru the eyes of a five year old which kinda worried me at first but works out well and is actually very sweet and endearing. Especially if you have kids, it is very true to form. I can't say more about the story I am afraid to give anything away. Makes you think, makes you tear up, chuckle and gasp...sounds good eh?

Another unexpected page turner, however it may not be for everyone. It's a life after death experience of a man who is now a psychiatrist. I love these kinds of stories, I am just s'dang curious about that whole realm. His experience is so AMAZING and it just hit me over and over again how small minded I am in day to day living. All the things he saw and felt seem to fit in with what I believe the life beyond to be like.

This book was very similar to the Lady Elizabeth, by the same author. I liked it a lot. Jane Grey is one of my new heroins and some day I want to tell her so. She was an amazing lady, and she was not even a lady really, just a girl. Dave and I read (listened to) this book together and we couldn't believe the sad short life she lived. It was very inspiring to say the least.