Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yearbook Day

What I wouldn't give! I'd be curious to know if it was just me, but one of the things I loved most about high school was yearbook day. Call me crazy, but just thinking about it today gave me a rush of excitement. I couldn't wait till the end of the year to:
1. Look up my name in the back and see how many pages I was on.
2. Look at all my pics to see if I looked hot or not.
3. Do a quick browse to see who stole my thunder (got on more that like 4 pgs.)
4. Go Hog WILD signing and being signed.

The logistics of yearbook signing was where I got my thrill. Picture it...You see someone you have a crush on...he sees you...should you ask him...but then he'd think you like wait...then it happens...the doesn't even take a word you have his yearbook in your hands!! WHAT'S HE WRITTING???!!! You make sure to write just as long as he does, not more, not less. Then you wait...ITS LIKE CHRISTMAS. When you are finally alone, you read " Heidi you are HOT, call me" You knew it all along.

That's just one example of what yearbook day meant for me. The next best thing was writing clever, witty remarks. If only I could read all the things I wrote!! I know they were good, some of them too good and after I wrote them I'd think wait I need to copy that. It just so happens that David and I wrote in eachother's yearbooks. Here is my entry in his, it's a fill in the blank letter:

"Dave. Potatoes don't express the way I feel about you, I_____ you. I've waited my whole life to tell you that I _____ you. I can't _____ with out you! My heart goes____ when I see you, please say you'll never ____ me. You are great fun. I'm glad we are friends let's chill in the hood ok -Heidi H. your x"

Not bad eh? What's really great is I had the opposite of a crush on Dave in high school, so who knows what I would've put in the blanks then...I know now. Anyway, I wish we still had yearbook day. I miss it. Hey maybe we should get together and call all the people who wrote their numbers in our yearbooks, just to say "hi."

Friday, October 10, 2008

Come Join the FUN!!

We're gonna run and hopefully raise some money to help our dear friend Stephanie. It's going to be alot of fun. Help spread the word to anyone who would want to come join in the cause! Sorry the flyer is a bit tiny on here...go to for more info.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Home Parade

Hi, wanted to show you my house...I helped my Mom paint that door green a few days ago(I helped by taking a loooong nap)

Follow me into my favorite backyard where I play. Yes, this playground is a little too big for me but that doesn't stop me from trying to break my neck.

see...I like to hang over this ledge.

Let's go take a look inside, this is my small small I cry and throw tantrums.

Surprise, I painted the living room!! I got a little hungry...sorry Mama.

We really like how it turned out!! Sorry another tantrum...

Whew feeling better, here is Mommy and Daddy's room. This one got painted in the spring

Now for the best room of all...MY ROOM!

Hope you enjoyed this parade...come visit us and I'll take you for a personal tour of the basement were I watch my shows and play with my toys.