Monday, September 19, 2011

New Doo's

It was about time my girls had hair cuts. Rosie had a serious mop and Scarlet's long Rapunzel hair (well you know it reaches her bum, in the tub if she is arching her back as far as it goes...which she makes sure to measure every time) was extra straggley(if that's even a word). I took them to a little salon and we had a hair day. They were both really adorable in the chair. Rosie made sure I held her hand the whole time and she tried not to squirm, well maybe she tried for a few seconds. Scarlet of course loved every minute of it, she was maybe just a tad nervous the lady would cut too much. After seeing Rosie's haircut Scarlet considered cutting hers shorter...someday. Whenever anyone commented on Rosie's hair we had to make sure they knew Scarlet got a trim, and that it made her curls more bouncy. Which it did and made it WAY easier to brush...but I could have cut it myself. Which a few years ago I would have DEFINITELY done it myself, but something is slowly taking over me. Sometimes it is just worth it to get done the easy way, maybe not the cheapest way. AH its still kind of painful...sigh. The real problem is that sure I COULD do alot of things myself but I DON' they never get done. So there you go. Hair cuts.

feeling pose-y...

Monday, September 12, 2011

School girl

School dayz, school dayz. Its only semi-official because it's only preschool and its only twice a week. I was just as excited as Scarlet to see her off on this new adventure. Come find me in a few years when she is off to first grade...if I let her go (I don't know if I will). Since last year Scarlet has been dreaming of the day she would get to go to school. How long will this excitement for school last...I'm guessing 5th grade. For me it was as soon as math homework came along, and when my teachers kept getting after me to pay attention!!! I just didn't understand why they were butting into my social life! Here I am surrounded by my friends and I have to pay attention to what some old fuddy duddy teacher had to say about science? Forget about it. *sigh* Hopefully Scarlet will be a better student than I ever was, hopefully her love of learning will last her WHOLE lifetime. Dream never know it COULD happen...

I know the lighting on this one is not the best, but just look at that chin rest pose. I remembering wishing and hoping I could do a chin/fist pose. I don't think I ever got to. See, She is already surpassing me in her achievements.
Man I wish I was a better photography...and/or had an amazing camera. Preschool just wouldn't be complete without Scarlet's best buddy Hannah.