Monday, July 26, 2010

Someone is ONE

This girl had a birthday shout hooray! More to come when I can find the pictures of her party. Suffice it to say she is one heck of a one year old and we are pretty dern crazy about her. Can you blame us? What would you do if she gave you that look...?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Books ahoy...

The laptop is sick. We are sending it to the technology doctor. How did I live without a laptop? I probably was more creative with my free time...maybe. So I am typing this from the desktop in the basement, is that interesting? No. ON to the GOOD stuff...

This book was a fun read. It was a refreshing story about a girl who gets a second chance at happiness. It's set in the old south and comes with all that good, rich southern feelin'.

This book was AWESOME!! I don't know how I found it, but I am GLAD I did. When I checked it out I was pretty sure I wouldn't read it bc it looked too big and too boring. Wrong-o. It was a historical fiction novel based on the life of Lady Elizabeth. It was so interesting and written so well that you didn't realize you were learning HISTORY!! I have always been uneducated on the whole European majesty. Henry the VXII(what, I don't know roman numerals), Queen Mary Elizbeth Anne or one of those names, I couldn't tell you a thing. Now I kind of know a little bit more of who is who and how it all worked. SUPER interesting. I am excited to find more like it.

Whew! This was an interesting ghost story of sorts. It wasn't the kind of book that makes my heart sing but it was hard to put down. I tried describing what it was about to Dave and it sounded really ridiculous. He gave me the "look" like the raised eyebrow, "that sounds lame" kind of look. Anyway it was fun to read.