Friday, July 31, 2009

Growing ( a little)

Just a few pictures...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Anatomy lesson

The Orem Community Hospital has some anatomically correct baby dolls in their waiting area. Of course Scarlet needed to play with them. Through the grapevine she learned the difference between boys and girls...or so she thinks. Apparently, if you are a boy, you have...a peanut.

P.s. We are loving baby Rosie more and more by the minute. It feels good to be home. However; that whole delivery experience was so AMAZING, I was wishing today that I could go back and do it again(I guess is a few years I probably will). So far Rosie is a peaceful little spirit. Everyday she doesn't scream like Scarlet did I send a silent thank you to the Heavens. BUT, I know we aren't completely out of the clear yet:)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rosie Sue St.Julien

She's HERE!!! We got to the hospital at 6am to be induced. We went back and forth for days about whether we'd go in or not. Needless to say I gave in to my anxiousness and discomfort and we got that baby out. Everything was smooth sailing!!! All the nightmares I conjured up in my mind about being induced never happend. I came in dialated to a three and was ready to push that baby out within a few hours. We had to wait (while Rosie was being squished in my birth canal) on the doc, he was doing a c-section. He walked in at noon and we had Rosie in our arms at 12:15pm. It was thrilling. Rosie was a whopping 8 lbs!! We went from 6lbs 11oz, Scarlet to 8lbs of Rosie!! Hopefully this isn't a pattern and our next is 10 lbs!!! Yikes. So, Rosie is beautifull and SO FAR very sleepy and sweet. We are very happy parents, Scarlet is in love and the proudest big sister I have yet to meet. Here are some pictures...
Thanks to all our family and friends for your helpfulness and thoughtfulness, WE LOVE YOU!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ode to Scarlet

This may be the last post that we get to brag solely about our little Scarlet. Her little sister should be here anytime now (like right this second would be NICE)!! She will no longer be the one and only love of our lives...this should be very interesting:) So I have been doing everything I can think of to get this baby moving on out; racquetball, bike rides, driving on bumpy roads, brisk painful walks etc... The best are the things people suggest that they did or heard others do that worked; drinking castor oil, skipping, four wheeling and of course the number one suggestion, sex. My honest opinion is nothing but waiting REALLY works...except maybe that last one. So here is a post full of the little princess that we just can't get enough of. Today she said "My pleasure" when I asked her to do something. In the car later I asked her if she wanted a cracker and she said "no, but thanks". She is so entertaining, she tells the best stories and sings the prettiest songs. All day she keeps me smiling and laughing with all her questions and comments about life as she sees it. For example; yesterday at church she felt it appropriate to dance in the isle for the closing song. I let her, and in the back of my mind I thought "hmm if I saw another kid doing this would I think to myself 'crazy parents'." I admit it I am a crazy parent, I am crazy about this girl and it alters my logical brain functioning. So be it. Its probably just going to get worse. So brace yourselves for a smorgesborg of pictures, we've been playing hard.