Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Me and the girls were all down for a much needed nap. Whilest Scarlet and I were snuggled in my bed, in a fuzzy dream stupor, I hear Dave come in the door. Home at last. I was still drowsy and not ready to completely wake up. So I was in that half dream like state and I could hear Dave in the kitchen making his infamous after work snack, pb and j. He was moving the keys around, opening cupbaords and what not, regular old kitchen sounds. As time passes I keep noticing he is still in the kitchen...more time slips by...still there and then he starts making a really obnoxious racket with a bag or something crackly. Doesn't he know I am trying to drift back into dreamland for HEAVEN SAKES!? So I drag myself out of bed and stomp into the kitchen ready to demand what in tarnations is he up to with all that racket!?

and here is what I find...

It's a ROSIE!

Not the first time I have stumbled onto a scene like this lately...

Looks like I need to do some Rosie proofing.