Friday, September 6, 2013

The third

My Little third child.  I am feeling like a terrible mother today for 2 reasons, one I yelled at Rosie this morning:( and two I haven't documented Juliet's life hardly at ALL!!  With each kids I have gotten significantly WORSE at keeping track of all their adorable milestones and activities. It's sad.  So I will go ahead and try to soothe my troubled heart with a little Juliet reminiscing.  The other night...after 11pm (be-witching hour, when everything is too much to handle!) I was throwing a little mini temper tantrum before going to sleep because I was mad at myself for not doing something about the door malfunction on the mini van (sad but true) we recently bought.  I was kicking my legs and getting sucked into a nice little tizzy and Dave sensed I was in need of a serious distraction started telling me Ju Boo stories.  And that's all it took.  Just picturing her sweet cheeks and caramel wisps of hair pulled me right our of my impending gloom.

We often end the evening talking about the funny cute things our kids do and say.  Juliet has been the main topic lately because she is just blossoming and learning and growing so much so fast!! She is saying so many fun new words every day I can't keep up... I want to try.. she says No, Don't, pees (please), she goes to the fridge and asks for chisss (cheese). She says "bite," which only happened recently, if she wanted a bite of food before she would make her famous chomping (kkooowp) sound.  Now she only uses that if she wants to nurse and she'll pull at my shirt while making this awesome sound.  Pretty cute. When she wakes up and I go pull her sweet, bed headed, wide eyed body out of bed I ask her if she wants to see "sisters?" Her eyes light up and she says sissses!?! The moment she is awake she is pawing to get out of her room to get back to the action of whatever her spunky sisters have going on. She just follows them around like she is one of the big girls.  She has started saying mommy sometimes instead of just mama.  She stand with her arms reaching up and follow me around the kitchen saying "mommmmy!" I can't resist scooping her up and sucking/kissing/chewing her sweet cheeks.  Juliet gives THE best most adorable kisses that we all plead for.  All of us just beg her for her kisses.  Sometimes she obliges us and puckers up her perfect little lips and plants one on us.  She kisses her stuffed animals and dolls and any pictures she can get her hands on.  She was kissing herself on my phone this morning:) Yesterday she said "han-han" becuse she wanted to hold my hand and take me somewhere.  She does it to Scarlet and Rosie too.  She buddies up with them and they become her little pal and if they try to leave or play with something else she throws her little fit and they sit right back down and play.  I watched them out the window yesterday all three of my girls sitting on the last step of the patio stairs eating Popsicle's and sharing licks. Juliet would stand up on her knobby legs and waddle up to Scarlet to give her a "bite" then shimmy her little buns back in between her sisters onto the stair. It just filled my heard to that near bursting sensation I get sometimes watching these little people live their little lives.  It's that time warp feeling where I am grasping onto this moment and really watching it so it can be implanted in my brain for the future when my girls don't fit so snuggly on my lap anymore or whatever nonsense is supposedly going to happen someday. Juliet is just the most perfect addition to our family it is a joy to watch her grow.

Now that I have started I can't stop...So anyone reading can check out now if they need to but I just need to write a few more about my other little gems just for the record.  Its not like I document their lives anymore either.  Scarlet is a FIRST GRADER and is loving it. Maybe not for the same reasons other first graders love it DEAR ME!!  She is too funny.  Eating lunch and recess were a few of the things she liked about first grade but the main thing she wants to talk about is BOYS.  One in particular right now.  REALLY!? First grade??  Apparently right off a little boy took a liking to her and started pulling out her chair in class and putting his arm around her at recess...oh dear.  Anyway she comes home everyday and the first thing she tells me is the ever changing status of her and Taylor. Its really sweet and innocent and they mainly chase each other on the, I don't really know what to think.  Anyway in other news she is doing great in class and from what I hear gets pink purple and blue stars...which means she being a good student. We have gone and eaten lunch with her at school a few times and it's so fun to see her in her element.  She is so cute as she proudly punches in her lunch number she memorized, she shows Rosie how to get her milk and food tray etc... All her cute little friends gather around us at the cafeteria table and its just a delight to watch her and know she is happy.  After she finishes eating I make her come over and snuggle with me so I can hug her and ease my sore heart from missing her sweet face ALL day.  She doesn't hesitate to give me big hugs and kisses in front of all her little friends.  It may not always be like that but I will take it as long as I can get it!! Scarlet is playing soccer this season and is having so much fun and it is pure joy to watch her run around out there.  We teased her after the game because she kept grabbing the other girls shirts to get better access to the ball.  haha... love this big sister. 

Rosie Sue is four and started preschool a last week.  OHHH Rosie my cute little animal.  Rosie is the fieriest little thing.  She is so much fun but can be a little scoundrel.  I don't think we have gone a single day of her post 3 year old...ok really her entire life without a good old fashion Rosie melt down tantrum.  she just has so much emotion and enthusiasm!! She is at her best when she is lost entertained with a friend, or playing in her imaginary world...but if there is a dull moment it can get ugly.  She loves preschool and has recently been doing ballet and is so adorable to watch.  "Plie'... releve'." She loves Scarlet so much and in her own way wants to be like her.  She and Juliet are creating new a new bond now that Scarlet is in school and get along alot better now that its just the two of them.  Its like Rosie doesn't have to compete anymore for Jules attention, which usually ended up with her overwhelming and hurting Juliet. She is as cute as a button and will charm your pants off.  She is more brave in someways than Scarlet, for instance if I ask Scarlet to go borrow and egg from a neighbor Scarlet is terrified but Rosie will do it.  She'd say "c'mon Scarlet I will knock and ask and you don't have to say anything!!"  So funny their little duo. 

Ok well that's that and I need to go pick up Rosie from preschool.  We are all well and happy and greatful for our blessings.