Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2 year old in the house!

Cutest two year old had a birthday. We are lovin this girl. She cracks us up. She is so talkative and has the best little sentences. Its hard to keep a straight face in her presence, because she is so little but she talks so big. Anytime we would ask her about her birthday there were three things she was counting on. Horsies, candies and presents. Well not such a tough list...but what was she imagining when she said HORSIES?? I don't know, but she got horsies on her cake and she seemed fine with that! PHEW. My favorite things she says and does right now changes everyday. Her way of persuading me is to ask for something and if I say no she asks again but says little tiny in front of the question. Like her bottle(i know, i know i am working up the mental energy to get rid of that thing!!) when I say no, she says 'little tiny baba milk, little tiny!?' Or it's 'little tiny show', or our newest favorite is when she is trying to wait for her turn to hold my brother's new baby, she tells us she is being 'a little tiny patient.' She just brightens our lives so much. Yesterday I just could not resist holding her SO tight and kissing her adorable face SO much. Here are some great pics. My Sis-in-law Katie brought her fancy camera and got some WINNER pictures I am going to have to frame a bunch of these! Thanks Camera Katie.

L-O-V-E love those FACES!! Two girls three legs?? It's a mystery...