Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I am a strange gal. I have some kind of anxiety? Is that the word I'm looking for? No...phobia is better. I have a phobia of empty time. If Dave is leaving and I am unprepared with something to do I have been known to flip a bit(just a bit). Okay, it happens most mornings as Dave is leaving me to go to work. Some mornings I hold on to his neck (I am usually still in bed) and plead with him not to go. I fight the urge to do that every morning. If I have a full day of things to do, someone to see or chat with, I am a happy lady. Otherwise I have been known to call Dave at work and...whine. What can he do? Nothing, it's my own strange deficiency. Now, before you start to feel bad for me and call me to hang out, this isn't a sob story. I have something that is heaven sent to chase my troubles away. BOOKS. More specifically good, well written, engrossing novels about human triumph, with a dash of romance. Books, I am discovering more and more, are kind of an escape for me. Not that I want to escape from my life, I love my life. Good books make me feel like I am having these adventures and triumphs myself. When I have a good book, off you go to work honey I have important things to do! It would be better for my family if cleaning were my escape. Darn. If anyone has any great book recommendations, don't hesitate to make my day.