Saturday, April 20, 2013


The miracle is two fold...we are all still alive and well (what, isn't life a miracle when you really think about it...mmhm) and I am BLOGGING!! I didn't know if I ever would again.  Not that I don't like to blog...right now in fact I am thinking oh I missed that wri ting voice in my head...I haven't hear her for awhile and she is kinda fun. Its that all the fast easy social networks have taken over my blogging needs...kinda.  Intagram is so INSTA and it feels like I am keeping track of things kinda...I'm not so great at documenting our life.  Its mostly pics of my girls playing on the kindle or of me holding Juliet while she nurses or naps, because's pretty much our life.  And I usually enjoy it.  At least I'm honest. Juliet is at a really cute and really exhausting stage right now...aren't they always!?  She is 10 months and the sweetest faced little hairy morsel of cuteness. We adore her.  She is on the move and as squirmy as the come!!!  She is crawling, standing and trying to choke on everything and shock herself and get her hands in the to9ilet.  She is a little stinker and its a dang good thing she is CUTE.  She gives the most adorable slobbery kisses and bonks and I swear she says "baby" and "mama" and "dada" but its still debate-able. Scarlet is grown up girl but still my baby girl and will let me steal her form her imaginary grown up life for some snuggle time.  She loves school and it thrills me to see all that she is learning and to hear her read and figure things out is awesome.  Rosie is a fireball that keeps us grinning.  She can be the sweetest little thing and the next minute a little stinker.  She is clever and full of ideas and questions and you never know what to expect from her 3 and a half year old brain. I cut my hair and dyed it platinum and love it.  I might go shorter for fun...why not.  I tore my mcl a few months back but its doing much better so I am back to soccer HALLELUJAH!! Dave is still doing his thang but has decided we need to relocate to Hawaii. I am on board.  Oh and we have a new house. so there it is.  Summing up the past 9 months nothing to it! some pics for dessert...I think yes.